Youth Teaching Adults Program

Many of you already have a great way of addressing the digital divide and providing intergenerational programs, but here is another program idea if you aren’t already doing it.

Youth Teaching Adults is a program designed for youth volunteer-tutors to teach digital literacy skills to adult learners in a one-on-one workshop environment.  Here are some tips if you are thinking about implementing something in your library:

  1. Is this a need? Do you have willing volunteers?
    1. Contact you senior patrons, ask them to ask their non-library-using friends. Ask members of senior centers, lodges, homes etc.
    2. Contact high schools, youth centers, volunteer centers, teen library patrons.
  2. Create a schedule: determine how often they would like to meet (once a month?) maybe start with a onetime only, and based on feedback gage your repetition.
  3. Collect registrations via Wufoo or in library (ask perceived knowledge, ask what devices people use, ask what seniors would like to learn).
  4. Based on registration and knowledge, pair teens and seniors (pairings can change depending on the type of device/knowledge being shared).
  5. Send out reminders a few days before the program, invite participants to bring their own devices.

Day of:

  1. Make introductions between pairs, ensure they have all the equipment needed to go over the topic.
  2. It might be useful to have reminder cards to start off the topics.