ME Libraries

Alberta Wide Borrowing, also known as ME Libraries, is a service that allows public library patrons to register online with other public libraries throughout Alberta and then borrow physical items just like a local patron.

What do library patrons need to know about ME?
  1. They must be 18 or over to sign up online. Patrons under 18 may be registered on-site by library staff, with a parent/guardian present.
  2. They must have an email address and complete mailing address in their Parkland borrower record.
    ** The postal code must be entered correctly in Polaris with zero and capital “O” where appropriate. If the postal code is incorrect, a patron cannot register online. **
  3. Once registered through ME, their Parkland library card will function at the other libraries with whom they have registered. No need for additional barcodes or another card.
  4. ME registration at other libraries expires at the same time as their Parkland borrower expiry. When they renew their PRL membership, they will need to renew their ME registration online with other libraries they use.
  5. ME service does not extend to interlibrary loan services or digital library content; patrons cannot access ebooks, online databases, etc.
  6. They will still need a TAL card (e.g. the paper Parkland cards) to use academic or government libraries.
What do library staff need to know about ME?
  1. When a patron comes into your library with a non-PRL library card, scan their library barcode to see if they are registered as ME borrower. If there is a patron record, simply check out the items they wish to borrow.
  2. If there is not a patron record in Polaris Leap you have two options:
    1. You can help them register with Parkland through
    2. Create a ME borrower record for them directly in Polaris Leap. Scan their library card barcode into the Barcode field. Make sure that Registered at= Parkland Regional Library and Patron Code= ME Card and Statistical Class= ME Card.
  3. You can register a minor (under 18) directly in Polaris Leap as a ME patron, as they will not be able to register using the ME Libraries website.
  4. You never need to issue a ME patron a Parkland card and you do not need to put a Parkland barcode on the patron’s home library card.
  5. The ME Card only applies to patrons visiting your library from non-Parkland communities. Never register a Parkland resident as a ME Card Patron.
  6. There is no such thing as a ME library card. The beauty of ME Libraries is that patrons can use their home library card in public libraries across Alberta. Both the plastic and paper Parkland cards can be used to register with the ME Libraries service.
Have a question about ME? Contact your consultant