Material Processing

Process only items are:
  • External purchased items and not purchased through Parkland (Purchased process only)
  • Donations to the library (Donation process only)
Before sending items to Parkland:
  • Stamp or otherwise identify the item with your library’s name
  • Flag each item with a Process only flag
Guidelines & Flags
  • Process only guidelines
  • Process only flags available at Q:\In-System Transits and Van Runs\PRL Flags and Labels\Process Only Flags

Libraries can send the book jackets from items added locally to Parkland for lamination. Make sure that the book jackets are clearly marked so they can be returned to the correct library.

Rush items

If you have an item for processing that needs to be done as soon as possible, please contact Collections and Cataloguing to discuss the available options.

Adding Items to the Catalogue: How-To Video