Advocacy, Communications & Marketing Support

Advocacy, Communications & Marketing Support

Advocacy and Demonstrating the Value of Libraries

Building relationships with funders, stakeholders, and the community we serve is an important aspect of library trustee’s work. Staff supports the board and reinforces a consistent message as we all work together to tell the library’s story in a way that resonates with each audience. Parkland’s Advocacy Committee (board members) and staff are actively working to keep stakeholders informed about how the system and municipal libraries contribute to a better quality of life for residents and to help funders make informed decisions about public library services.

Parkland provides tools, training, and guidance to help our member library boards develop an effective advocacy plan and demonstrate their library’s value and return on investment.

Communications and Marketing Support

Communicating what you offer and marketing specific services is important to grow your membership base and fill your programs.

There are advocacy and marketing resources on the Q: drive including:

  • Social media resources
  • Promotional material for services and events
  • Friends of the Library materials
  • Return on Investment tools
  • and more!

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