Microsoft Edge Updates

The new Microsoft Edge web browser is here!

During the week of July 19th, you will begin to see the new Microsoft Edge web browser on all staff and public computers. The latest version of Microsoft Edge uses the Chromium code and therefore it looks and functions very similar to Google Chrome – but has a few distinct features.

This new version of Edge will offer regular browser features such as bookmarks, history, downloads, sharing, and printing. It also offers new features such as Collections, Accessibility features and more.

Collections allow you to save related content from the Internet, such as pictures, websites, notes, etc.

The new accessibility features is an immersive reader that helps you stay focused while reading online by letting you filter out clutter and other distracting content such as ads from articles and sites. Enable Reading View to use the read aloud function.

Not sure if the new Microsoft Edge has been installed on your computer? Check for this icon, as it replaces the old Microsoft Edge icon.

Have questions, or need assistance navigating the updated version of Edge? Contact